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Mark Celentano

Fashion Designer | Stylist

Mark Celentano is a multimedia artist, fashion designer and stylist for a selective clientele. Mark carries an eye for detail to highlight individual expression through style and fashion and his unique brand C E L E N T A N O consists of 100% original hands on creations. Mark looks deep into the heart and soul of what he does as an artist to obtain the most sincere look that will shine bright on any stage or spotlight, elevating his clients to look and feel unique and inspired.

Growing up as a lifelong artist, Mark derived these skills at a young age from his mother who was a scholarship artist at the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. Mark learned style through the pizazz of a mix of modern culture and art.

Having good taste in structuring looks led Mark to craft his first pair of redesigned ladies high heels in 2011 which launched his first museum show in downtown Los Angeles. Over the years, Mark has created a masterful body of work centered around numerous mediums of art including large-scale canvas, clothing, multimedia and sculpture.