Allen Ling – “A Name In Your Book”


Allen Ling – “Straight Into The Ocean”

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Allen Ling

Executive producer, singer and songwriter Allen Ling is an American born artist and entrepreneur. He is also the seventh generation descendent of Lin Zexu, a historical hero in China, the CEO of a physical therapy business, and a graphic novel creator and publisher for GenSeven Comics.  He has been a songwriter since 8th grade, and a body of music compositions from 1984 to 1988 was exhumed in 2009 after encouragement from his friend Bryan “Brain” Mantia, one of the premier drummers in contemporary music.




Allen Ling: Executive Producer, Songwriter, Lead Vocals

Melissa Reese: Producer for Allen Ling, Music and Vocal Arrangements, Keyboards (GunsNRoses)

Brain Mantia: Producer for Allen Ling, Drum Programming and Arrangements, and Music Arrangements, Live Drums for Closer (GunsNRoses, Primus, Limbomaniacs, Godflesh)

Javier Mora Torres: Live Drums for Allen Ling

Dave Lopez: Lead and Rhythm Guitars for Allen Ling

Arion Salazar: Bass for Allen Ling (Third Eye Blind)

Marc “MIRV” Haggard: Lead and Rhythm Guitar for Closer (M.I.R.V.)

Tony “House” Chaba: Bass for Closer (Limbomaniacs)

John Spiker: Bass for Fall in my Arms (Tenacious D)

Oscar Olivo: (Synthesizer Arrangements, Drum Programming and Engineering on Better off )

String Quartet on Closer: Eugenia Wie, Adam Friedberg, Kathy Marshall Biggs, Emily Onderdonk and Vanessa Ruotolo

Reto Peters at The Teahouse: Arrangements and engineering on all of “The Runaway Hearts” and all other recording engineering for Allen Ling

Carem Constanzo: Recording Engineer for Closer, Heart and Tomorrow


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