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Allen Ling Bio Guitar

Allen Ling

Singer-Songwriter | Executive Producer | Owner

Dave Lopez Bio

Dave Lopez

Lead & Rhythm Guitars | Song Co-writer | Music Production

Reto Peter Bio

Reto Peter

Grammy® Winning Producer | Mixer | Composer

Elizabeth Mantia Bio

Elizabeth Mantia

Chief Marketing Officer | Business Strategy | USA Publicity

Malvika Nanda

Malvika Nanda

International Publicity | Talent Agent

Mark Celentano Bio

Mark Celentano

Fashion Designer | Stylist


Allen Ling Music



Allen Ling: Executive Producer, Songwriter, Lead Vocals and Music Video and Film Producer

Dave Lopez: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Song co-writer and Music Production for Allen Ling (Flipsyde)

Reto Peters: Producer/Mixer/Composer at The Teahouse: Arrangements and engineering on “The Runaway Hearts” and all other recording engineering for Allen Ling (Green Day “American Idiot” & Grammy® Winning album Alphabet Rockers’ “The Movement”)

Melissa Reese: Producer for Allen Ling, Music and Vocal Arrangements, Keyboards (Guns N’ Roses)

Bryan “Brain” Mantia: Producer for Allen Ling, Drum Programming and Arrangements, and Music Arrangements. Live Drums for “Closer” (Guns N’ Roses, Primus, Limbomaniacs, Tom Waits, Godflesh and currently Composer/Producer at Brain Beatz/Brain Arcane)

Javier Mora Torres: Live Drums for Allen Ling (Circa Survive, Rx Bandits and Smash Mouth)

Arion Salazar: Bass for Allen Ling (Third Eye Blind)

Marc “MIRV” Haggard: Lead and Rhythm Guitar for “Closer” (M.I.R.V.)

Tony “House” Chaba: Bass for “Closer” (Limbomaniacs)

John Spiker: Bass for “Fall in my Arms” (Tenacious D)

Oscar Olivo: Synthesizer Arrangements, Drum Programming and Engineering on “Better Off”.

String Quartet on “Closer”: (Eugenia Wie, Adam Friedberg, Kathy Marshall Biggs, Emily Onderdonk and Vanessa Ruotolo)

Carem Constanzo: Recording Engineer for “Closer”, “Heart” and “Tomorrow” (23 years with Guns N’ Roses, nominated for two Grammy® Awards for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical: Indigo Girls & Rage Against The Machine)

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