Services for Musicians

Digital Strategy

Working with your team we will craft a full release strategy that is unique to your goals and your music.

Media Outreach

Let us help you find your “story” and get the word out to the press — blogs, websites, magazines, radio, podcasts and music taste makers across all genres.

Fan Growth

We’ll create and execute a targeted acquisition strategy, geared toward getting new, REAL fans to notice and become engaged with you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Allen Ling Music will help position your songs onto Spotify algorithmic playlists in order to help your track get in front of the appropriate targeted listeners. By doing so not only are your monthly listeners going to go up, but also your followers which in turn helps you get onto more algorithmic playlists. We will pitch your track to independent Spotify playlists with the goal of creating a total reach of up to 3 million followers. You will be able to view all the playlists that have added your track in your Spotify For Artists backend. In addition we will pre-save campaigns for your track, this will improve how you look to the Spotify algorithms. The aim is for short term gains in play count and listeners as well as longer lasting results including better placements.


Direct email marketing is still one of the most effective means of reaching your customers. We can help create a email marketing strategy to launch a email list and a ongoing strategy of contacting your customers. We can stay onboard to help fine tune your campaigns to improve your open rates and click through rates.

Content Strategy

“What should I post? I have nothing to post!” Let us create a daily plan of content you can share with your fans. We’ll generate content themes for individual social media platforms to keep content fresh and lively.

Online Management

We can manage all of your day-to-day social media ops. We’ll work directly with your team to keep you and your band active and engaged with fans. We’ll also create a marketing plan deliverable that incorporates all marketing channels – social, email and advertising.

Live Streaming

Live streaming has exploded in 2020. We can guide you through the maze to setup live and pre-recorded video streams across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram.

Video Promotion and Premieres

Video is king! We will work to obtain you a exclusive premiere with a media partner to showcase your new music video!

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